Hitfilm 3 Pro countdown

Hello Hitfilm Team,

I vote for a Hitfilm 3 Pro countdown timer to be added to the website!


  • Well they are gonna surprise us with its release... I just vote that they do it after the 28th.  Smash Bros comes out for the Wii U on the 21st and i need time to have no life and obsess on that game.

  • Ironically, while wishing for the 24th-28th timeframe, I kind of don't want it to come out to soon because then I'll be tempted to shift my current project from HF2U to HF3P and--with all the new goodies in HF3P--be too tempted to make a royal mess of everything (The project is due on the 8th of December) trying to incorporate new effects into it. 

  • I have 5 days off next week and I'm sure 3 won't be out then- but it sure would be sweet.

  • I'll start the countdown...

    At the end of today there will be ONE day fewer until the release of HitFilm 3 Pro.

    Read this post once a day until it is no longer valid.


  • will this support raw 4k of blackmagic production camera?

  • @DrLiorVBarlEl not at launch but FXhome is looking into supporting CinemaDNG

  • @Alec - you're absolutely right - we are one day fewer until release :) 

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