Low-budget Sci-Fi tricks

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A rather fun article from 2010  about ways SF movies keep the budget down. Even today... www.shadowlocked.com/20100511391/lists/top-8-secrets-of-cheap-sci-fi-tv-and-movies.html

Also, a nice mini-documentary on old-school Matte and miniature work. www.shadowlocked.com/20101101881/opinion-features/when-cgi-couldnt-fix-it.html


  • Thanks for pointing out the tips, T23. Just saw this post- I was in the middle of training at my new post at work. I don't have the time like I used to spend time online at work. :^(

  • Thanks for those links.  Very informative -- and enjoyable :)


  • Not a scifi person but interesting, Thanks.

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