where's my mask?

I have a satisfactory explosion on a building and decided to throw in the canned falling debris effect.   But the debris needs to fall behind some forground objects.
So I put the explosion elements and falling debris in their own composite shot so that I could add the composite shot back in and add a mask for the debris to fall behind.  The mask works as expected when previewing in HF.  However, when I render it out (I know it's called "export" in HF) my mask is not applied in the final render.


  • What GPU are you running?  I know sometimes masks have behaved oddly under outdated GPU drivers.
  • Thanks for reponding, Axel.
    I'm running on a Dell E6500 with an NVIDIA Quadro NVS 160M graphics card. 
    Near as I can tell the GPU is a G98.  I'll check to see if there is an updated driver available.
  • Updated the driver from Dell's site.  
    All good!

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