Does anyone need Music done for their Project?

Hi , I'm an Independent Music Creator, I use Fruity Loops and M-Audio Session Studio with a USB Keyboard by M-Audio, also I have other stuff I use. I was wondering if anyone needed some Music done for a Film?


  • Nice offer, DJ! Do you have any examples of your work?
  • Yes I agree, do you have any samples of your work (video+audio or just audio). I am an independent film maker and I am finishing a short film but need some music 6-7 minutes worth. I would love to partner with someone. Additionally is there any cost to your work? If so, how much?
    Braden Preston
    BP Films Inc
    Texas, US
  • I was in the process of moving to a different area of town , but here's some examples of what I can do, I also have a lot of unreleased stuff , this website has Experiments, Current Projects, Ideas, Beats, and Collaborations That I created.

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