Moving Multiple Small Clips

I'm trying to make a blooper reel in Hitfilm 2 Ultimate, and I need to move a bunch of short clips all over the timeline in a random order. Anyone know how to easily scramble the clips? I tried to use the Select Edit Tool/Shift to move them, but unless I'm zoomed in on the timeline, it just tries to trim the clip or it just keeps making opacity points. Any idea how to fix it?!?!


  • If you use the Select Tool (the arrow), you can just drag clips round however you want.  Make sure the cursor is an arrow, and not the Trim icon, before you click on the clip, and you should be fine.  I would use a second Video Track, so you can drag clips up to that track to store them and open space on the first track.  Then re-order the clips and drag them back down as needed to create your sequence.  If you want to grab multiple clips at the same time, you can drag a marquee over the clips you want, or command-click (ctrl-click Windows) on each clip you want to add to the selection, then drag any one of them to move the group.
  • I can't get an arrow, always a trim icon.


  • This is my very first try at editing a video, and I'm completely stuck. Through (simultaneously) watching a step-by-step YouTube tutorial, I've been able to do what I need to get started, but the Trimmer option is giving me problems. I was able to trim a short clip from my video file and put it into my editing area, but for some reason, I'm unable to go back and trim another short section from that same video. I can't seem to set another inpoint or outpoint. Surely there must be some way to take multiple clips out of the same video. I can't find any way to reset things. What am I missing?

  • @SingWise Which version of HF? I know you can do this in HF4Pro and 2017.  Just move the slider down on the Trimmer timeline for the same clip, set a new in and out and then left click inside the trimmer window and drag the new selection to the editor timeline.

  • It's actually easy to fix that. You can increase the size of videos in the panel in option so that even small videos can  become big enough so that u can move them 

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