Where do I learn how to import and use 3d models

Hello All:

I am trying to learn 3d. I am failing!

The 3d model shop I'm using is Turbosquid. They have some free 3d stuff you can download. 

Please forgive my ignorance, especially if I ask a dumb question. As I have learned (painfully) a dumb question is better than a dumb mistake.

(When I download the 3d file to my computer,it comes in as a 'zip'. When I right click on it, it gives me the options of 'opening' or 'expanding'. I have chosen 'expanding'. Is that correct? Is there a special way it has be downloaded? The reason I ask is, when I import it into Hitfilm, it doesn't recognize it as 3d.) 

So, here is my question; where do I start? 

I want to  learn 3d. I have a basic understanding of Hitfilm. 

Can anyone help??




  • Stargazer54Stargazer54 Moderator

    @ Itsallanct  Expand the zip file and it will create a directory containing the 3D model file.

    You should be able to import the file from there into HF.  Keep in mind that any images that are being used as textures for the model should be in the same folder as the model. 

    For more info on file formats supported in HF go here:


    Keep in mind that "free" models will be  fairly low resolution and can contain geometry errors, but they are a good way to get your feet wet.  Just be realistic about your expectations.

    Also the model will come in "flat" shaded and look awful.  You have to add a light layer, then go to the transform controls on the light and move it around to illuminate the object.   Set your light intensity to about 75%.


  • @Itsallanact ; To add to the excellent tips of Stargazer, be sure that you are downloading alembic, obj, lwo or fbx formats for the models.  I think those are all the formats that Hitfilm supports.

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    Given the choice I think most people have pretty good luck with .obj.

    I use Lightwave and have good results with .lwo, but those are models that I built (or modified) and I know what shape the geometry is in.   Again, 3rd party models can be a crap shoot. 

    If the model was created in one package then converted to another software package, then the conversion process can introduce errors.   Especially if the model had issues to start with.


  • @Itsallanact ;  I grabbed a model that was handy for me from a Blender tutorial on CGCookie youtube page.  They have a version to download and follow along:  (You do have to create a log in but it's free  Blender is also free in case you never heard of it)


    I opened it in Blender and then exported it as an OBJ file which I then imported it into HItfilm Pro (7.1) with no problems and created a light in the scene.  It might give you a baseline on importing for yourself. Hope this might help you along...

  • tddavis & Stargazer54:

    This is fabulous!!!


    I figured the free stuff was introductory, but since I'm a newbie, it's more on learning how to do  it.

    The only thing is, I will be calling upon you regularly. 

    Thanks again.


  • Stargazer54Stargazer54 Moderator

    No worries.  That's what the forum is for.

    Once you get the hang of things you should have a lot of fun with 3D models.

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    @Itsallanact ; Ditto to what Stargazer54.  He is, by far, more versed than I in 3D models into Hitfilm, but I'm always willing to try and help with a guess or two...  I generally cheat and render my model action from Blender in PNG sequences and then bring them in for compositing, but I miss out on interaction of particles and such so I'm learning.

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    Hitfilm has the  "Star Wars"   "Walker"   the  "Big doggy"  bot , tutorial video , He uses  Blender ,  and imports the  .fbx  geometry file  with  .abc  animation data file , to include  texture\material  images ,  all of that ,... into  HFP .

    "How to import 3d models from  Blender into  Hitfilm Pro"

    the turtorial video is impressive ..  6 minutes and 41 seconds .

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