Making objects in 3D spin around each other. (Overlaping accordingly)

I'm trying to make a cool logo animation in 3D and I want different shot perspectives. I started using the star field effect so that I had some kind of background. Then I added the logo of my choosing but when I use the logo I notice that the particles are stuck behind the logo even when in 3D space they should be covering each other up. Here is an image of the edit


  • @Erosion139 Which layer contains your particles?  I see a Starfield layer that's a plane, but it's set to 2D, not 3D, and it's under all the other layers.  If that's your particle layer, that's your problem.

    Also, is this Express or Pro?  Your screenshot crops off the title bar.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    To build off what @jsbarrett wrote, which effect are you using to create the starfield? 

  •  I'm using hitfilm express with the audio visual pack. The starfield layer is indeed the particle preset and its using the atomic particles effect.

  • edited March 14

    The solution of changing the 2D plane into a 3D plane seems to have worked but now the 3D plane is super low resolution. Probably because of what I'm trying to do. This is how it originally should look. This is how it looks when changing the starfield to a 3D plane.

  • @Erosion139 Both of your links in that last post point to the same video.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Ok. Here's the deal. 

    Atomic Particles is a psuedo 3D effect. It is not spreading particles in 3D space, it's drawing a picture of particles in 3D space onto a 2D plane. Atomic is basically intended for 2D layers.

    Making the plane 3D is just spinning this 2D picture in 3D space, but distorting the intended image. 

    There is no direct way to have Atomic Particles occlude 3D layers. Most of the indirect methods require nesting comps to create depth maps or forground/background passes.

    Easiest thing to do is add another Atomic Layer above the text. In your bottom Atomic layer push Transform From back in space so all the particles are behind the text. Set Transform From on the top layer so everything is in front of the text. 

    Sometimes you just need to throw another layer at it. 

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