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 I‘ve only used iMovie before now and I’m very excited to be using Hitfilm to convert my Smule Videos into a better format.   I posted my first one and discovered a pretty significant lag. I thought that it was because I had the wrong fps  i’ve corrected bad and I’m still getting a lag Around some of my composites. Can anyone help? Suggestions in simple terms for me :-)


  • @TimeyWimeyGirl7 What exactly do you mean by lag?  And is this lag that you're seeing while you edit, or something you're seeing in the final export?  If this is showing up in the export, do you have a link to an online video that you can share?  If it's on YouTube or Vimeo, just paste the URL onto its own line in a reply, and the forum will auto-embed the video after you post (when you refresh the page).

    It would also help to know which specific version of HitFilm you're running, and the specs of your system (OS, CPU, GPU, RAM, and hard drive).

  • Lag in the compositor window or in the editor window can be a normal thing depending on the video format but once exported then it shouldn't have any lag. If it is the compositor then you can do a ram preview and let the blue bar build up enough then you can set the play head to the beginning of the blue bar then hit the play button. If it is choppy there then it may be a couple things such as the original video format or pc specs at base level for Hitfilm or a project setup being incorrect for the footage. Telling us the PC specs and operating system would help rule out that side of things. Then also list the type of original file type you are trying to use that is getting this lag.

  • Thank you so much for your assistance!  I really appreciate it!  It was happening in the final product.  I went back and double checked  my frame rates.   Turns out I was making my composites at 24 while the main video was at 30.   I changed them but somehow ended up deleting half the song so I started over.   Then I Proxied all of them.  Finally I think I got it     Whew!!   

    Sorry I didn’t comment before now   


  • @TimeyWimeyGirl7 glad to hear you got it all worked out. It all comes easier over time. 

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    OK  I'm back again with more lagging questions...different video this time 


    Im working on a Dell Inspiron 5558 Signature edition laptop 

    Intel Core I5-5250U CPU @ 1.6 GHZ 

    8 GIG RAM 

    64 BIT operating system x64-based processor 

    I have a lag in my viewer window. I would like to edit some of the video by removing a piece and splicing in from another video.  All has the same frame rate of 29 as per the original video.  Everything has been proxied & saved.  If I insert a clip that the video is lagging behind the sound portion, will it end up in the right place in the end or am I causing myself more issues by doing this? 


    I wont know if the final product lags until I complete & download it.  Should I do that now to check that the lag is only in the viewer or just keep working? 


  • Sorry for the late reply.  Didn't get notified of the tag for some reason...

    Reviewing what we talked about before, what you're calling "lag" is actually frames being skipped or dropped for one reason or another.  While editing in HitFilm, frame dropping can happen sometimes if the decoding of the file can't keep up with the playback frame rate.

    Are you transcoding your files before editing?  If you don't know what I mean by "transcoding," then I strongly encourage you to watch this video:

    Files that have been transcoded into something more editing-friendly tend to have fewer problems in HitFilm with dropped frames in the viewer because decoding is easier.

    On a possibly-related note, the frame rate of 29 that you indicated is definitely not a standard rate, which may be contributing to the frame drop.  Transcoding will likely fix this.

    As for dropped frames in the final export, that should only happen if your export frame rate and project frame rate don't match, as you experienced previously.

  • Turns out that by saving & sending  the video I was changing the frame rate but I was able to fix it by sending it via Dropbox keeping it at its original 30 frame rate.  All better now   I will def check out the video though to learn more.  Thank you.  The more I can learn the better 

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