I Can't Get Rid Of The Tracker Box


So, I was watching a tutorial on how to track in Hitfilm and a tracker box popped up, covering a lot of space on my screen. Whenever I open a new project now, it pops up. Why? How do I get rid of it? Click on the image to see a screenshot of the box in Hitfilm 4 Pro.


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    I don't know how.

  • Didn't work to insert screenshot but.

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    @Mercesoul ; I'm not sure this is the correct way to do this but it works for me:

    Up on the top toolbar where it shows the Hitfilm name  and  the FILE, the icon of old floppy disc, Icons for UNDO and REDO then the last is a box-like grid of nine tiny squares.  You click on that one and a MENU pops up.  The first column has the names of different windows open with a blue check mark in a box in front of the name.  Drop down the list to the bottom and uncheck the box next to TRACKER and this should close the tracker window.

    Hope this helps you out.

    Also, and I just remembered this, you can put your mouse cursor over the word TRACK in the title of the that window and left click and drag the tracker window down to the tools menu bar and drop it there with CONTROLS, MEDIA, EFFECTS, etc.  It is a tricky maneuver (at least for me) but keep trying until you find that sweet spot.

    See this thread for info on posting captures:


  • The first one didn't work, but the second one did. Thanks!

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