[Updated] Poster and Trailer made with HitFilmPro *Commercial project*


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    Long long time ago (80s), in an alternative universe, not so much different that ours, the story of Voltage begins..

    More info can be found next week in Steam.. 

  • @CreativeBoy Cool look!  2D comps in HF is a hidden strength that few people think about.  In many ways I prefer it to Photoshop. (Although I would still my text in PS, then import.)

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    This second poster is what I made first, but it might look too scary since the goal is that game is suitable for large number of players. So I will use that first one. In this poster there can be seen more clearly what features can HitFilm give to poster making. Who need Photoshop, when you have HitFilm? 

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    Yup. I've been using HItfilm a lot in photo work. It's a great tool.

    I'm not certain which poster I like better....

  • Very cool! Love the retro look of the second one. 

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    Thanks! Im not yet sure which one would it be used. Part of these posters will be used in elsewhere in store page, since we have a different kind of style build a store page than indie game companies usually. There will be a storyline with pictures introduced there and some cutscenes too. So player can get to known to the plot before buying the game. However posters are not videly use in Indie game marketing, usually you can only find a small plot, only a couple of sentences. I think this might be a fresh style.

    I have only used Hitfilm Pro for a little while so even better design/videos are coming..

  • Love both

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     Trailer video can be found from link below.

    As I am not yet so familiar with HitFilm Pro all functions (used other software before), some experienced viewers might see this video as primitive production.

    Also the story in a trailer can be difficult to consist, since it is aimed to watch as a part of the Steam store page, where there will be a whole plot during this week. Also it is important to notice that trailer is made a retro style, because game is made that style too. It will be on Early Access so I will continue to improve also these trailers/cutscenes during the EA.

    On this trailer you can find couple of HitFilmPro features in use:


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    Updated trailer, plot and a game can now we be found on link below


    All images (besides screenshots, it is forbitten) in store page have been edited by using incredible hidden "photoshop" features in HitFilm Pro. On first trailer you can find several of HitFilmPro features in use.


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