HitFilm in Linux - experiments with Wine

This thread serves as an ongoing record of my experiments using the Wine compatibility layer to run HitFilm in Linux.

It is currently possible to run a demo version of HitFilm Pro in Wine, although there are some quirks, and some features which work fine in Windows will cause HitFilm to crash in Wine.


In order to run HitFilm in Wine, it is necessary to configure Wine to use some native (Windows) dlls. This can be done by running winecfg, and in the "libraries" tab, add new overrides for the libraries "fusion" and "msvcp140". I also set the windows version to Windows 10. Making these changes should allow HitFilm to start in Wine.

Upon starting HitFilm in Wine, the HitFilm home screen remains blank and I am greeted by the friendly and generic error message "We're sorry, HitFilm encountered a problem and needs to exit...". Dismissing this error box will cause HitFilm to close. However despite the error box, and the blank home screen, you can still click the "File" menu along the top of the HitFilm main window, and from there you can start a new project or open an existing project. (Remember to leave the error box open).

The activation app does not currently work in Wine: this means that it is only possible to run HitFilm in Demo mode without the ability to export. The activation app will open a new window, but this window will remain useless and blank. In versions of Wine prior to 3.0, attempting to run the activation app would sometimes cause Wine to crash.

Once inside HitFilm, most features and effects seem to work fine. There  are of course exceptions, some notable stuff that doesn't work in Wine for me includes:
-Text layers - the text is invisible.
-Text effect - causes a crash.
-Scopes - both the scopes effects and the scopes panel cause a crash.
-Re-arranging the panels is also kinda buggy.


I have thus far only tested HitFilm Pro (version 6) with Wine and not HitFilm Express 2017 or any of the earlier versions for HitFilm Pro. I tried HitFilm 2 Ultimate and could not get it to work in Wine.

I am currently using Wine 3.0 running in Linux Mint 18.3.

Once I have carried out more testing of what works and what doesn't, I intend to make an entry for HitFilm in the Wine application database.


  • Ooh, that sounds awesome. :)

  • Awesome, thank you! I tried to install wine to use hitfilm, but I misread my package managers dependency fix, and uninstalled all of gnome and GDM. I just decided to dual boot to windows. I wish this existed when I tried to do that.

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