Turn 2D surface into a 3D surface


Is it possible to make a 2D media 3D? I need to curve a video around a 180 deg circle to make it look like it is being projected onto the curved screens. 

The warp effects alone arent enough to make this happen.

Is it possible to realise this feature into future versions of hitfilm? 
That you can for example draw a non-straight 2D line, and make the media file follow that line like shown on the image?


  • Can you provide a link to that object? I'd like to try something out.

  • You mean the curved screen? Its a 3D model created with SolidWorks. I may be able to save it as a format so you can open it as 3D model. What format would that be?

  • You could try the Sphere effect. jsbarrett and I had a play back here (scroll to the bottom of the thread):


  • As far as I know you cannot project 2D on a 3D structure since it is on the wish list. So maybe you have to first render your camera drive and then fit that projections into that in a second step.

    Anyway I would like to give it a try, so save it as OBJ or FBX with structures. Since you made screenshots of hitfilm I thought you already had that imported as 3D. Or did you render a clip inside your 3D program? If so provide a link to that video as well since that would also be my approach at first.

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    I created the 3D models and the render with SolidWorks. I did not yet made a video clip. The editing of the composite shot to make sure all video files stay in places (''projected onto the screens'') during a video clip would be very difficult with my lacking knowlegde of hitfilm. 

    The initial color of the screens was green, deleted that color with green screen key to make the screen surfaces transparant. I can't save the model as obj or fbx. 
    Any use for the formats shown in the image (dropbox link)?



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