Action Pro 0.3 beta update has been released!

KirstieTKirstieT Staff
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Hey guys, 

Today we brought out a new update for Action Pro beta, which included some major enhancements - all based on the feedback that our development team received from you guys in this forum and on our social platforms. 

The enhancements include: 
- Data can now be exported using a rig to separate X, Y, and Z rotation to separate points, for greater control. 
- Current values are now displayed in the Viewer. 
- Users can now import and export their recordings, to create a catalogue of reusable data that can be shared between projects. 

You'll be automatically prompted to update once you open Action Pro beta - but if you're curious to see our entire update timeline which is now up and working:

Once again, thank you so much to you all for joining us in our new innovations - we couldn't do it without your support! 


  • Excellent!  Can't wait to give the new release a spin.

  • Let us know what you think - as you guys are a small but powerful community, any feedback you can provide us with can have a really big effect on future iterations of the product!

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    Need basic tutorial - unless I missed one somewhere:)

    I did miss a couple. Got 'em!


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    KirstieT I needed a fly buzzing around in a scene for a project I'm working on. I used Action Pro to create the flight path and it worked like a charm! It was easy to bring into HitFilm Pro, attach a point to the path and set the fly model to follow behavior. WOW!!! It almost looks like a real fly buzzing around!!! Hopefully when people see it they'll think, "How did they train the fly to do that?" lol

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