Music Video - Remove Audio Tracks After Aligning Video

While editing a music video, I've got to time align (sync) up all the different takes to a master audio track. So far, I think I have to do this manually.

If I Alt-Drag a video clip onto the Video Track timeline with will come without any video... so then I can't slide it back and forth to liny it up with my master audio track (which is all that will be used in the final render).

If I Alt-Drag a video clip on the Audio Track timeline area, it creates just an audio track, which I can align, but... alas... there is no video.

If I Drag a video clip on to the Time Line it creates a video track and an audio track, which I can manually drag around to sync them, but by the time I've done this with 20 takes/tracks... I have 20 audio tracks that are of no use and nearly impossible to align the bottom ones with my top master track... because you can't see them at the same time.

Is there a way to remove audio tracks after I've used them to sync my video... so that I don't have to keep 20 useless audio tracks clocking up my workspace and making it impossible to add more video tracks and sync them?

Thanks in advance.


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