[Solved] How to override 3d layer hierarchy into composite shots when using a camera

So, I set up a woods with particle simulator to clone some tree texture, I have an animated wolf that have to run trough but it seem the camre take care of the layer hierarchy so I have two possibility:

- the wolf run in front of trees (and is not what I want)

-the wolf run behind trees (and is not what i whant)

this is my comp (I prefer to keep different trees particles on multiple layer instead of one PS)

this is how it look:


I'd like the wolf to be rendered thanking care of his space position instead of layer order


  • Unrolling your particle system should do the trick. I tested with cube shape particle emitter and flat 3D plane adjusted in Z space. Some particles are behind while other are in front.

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    today I am out of mind. thank you.

    I was sure I had already turned them into 3D unrolled, thank you!

     p.s. I marked this thread as solved.

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