Is it just me, or does HF perform better over time?

I have been trying out HF Pro and am seriously thinking of making the commitment here soon. I have been using 4K cineform files to edit with, which I have found to perform best. But I have noticed one thing. When I first open a project, it does seem to have some performance issues. I tend to keep the playback quality/resolution settings to quick/quarter. At first, the project will stutter a bit in places (transitions, etc). But, I find that over time, if I play and replay the timeline a few times, it seems to improve. Is it just me, or does this happen with everyone? Is there some background caching going on perhaps? I am just curious as the project I am currently testing with is quite short (about 45 seconds in total). I hope that Hitfilm's performance won't start to drop as the projects get larger.

Thanks in advance.


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    Probably as you speculated. Background caching leading to improved response later. This is typical behavior for an NLE. Using Vegas Pro for comparison, it creates a cache file on first media import but has a progess bar showing the build. 

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    The system disk cache can improve things on your second and subsequent passes.

    I've not seen Hitfilm do any caching of stuff to memory. Nothing of significance at least.

    Some things are done on initial  import. e.g. If media audio sample rate does not match the timeline rate. Hitfilm ressamples and saves the new audio in a separate file. These new files are in the preferences "cache" folder.

    Hitfilm 6, verses <= 2017, does a much better job with audio waveform display and this data is saved in new files in the preferences cache folder. The processing for this data can take time on initial import but it should take a backseat if you play while this work is still going on. It still may be a backseat driver and possibly affect things some. I've not tested specifics but some of this work may occur on every project open.

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