Process Finished Unexpectedly - Hitfilm 4 Express Export Error

I keep on getting an error when I export saying that Process Finished Unexpectedly, and when I open the file, Windows says it doesn't support the file or it's encrypted. If you know, please tell me.


  • Hello, I have Hitfilm 4 Express 2017 and when I try to export a video, it says Process Finished Unexpectedly and when I open the video, Windows says the file type is not supported or it is encrypted even though I use the Youtube Preset. Any Thoughts?  Please Respond 

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    Let's start with the basic questions. 

    What is your CPU, GPU, OS, RAM and storage? Are your GPU drivers current? What's the codec/format of your source video? What kinds of editing/effects are in your final video? 

  • You either have HitFilm 4 Express or HitFilm Express 2017.  The latter is the most recent version.  There is no 4 Express 2017.

    If it finished unexpectedly, then chances are the export is corrupted, which is why it won't play.  What are your system specs?  OS, RAM, CPU, GPU, and free hard drive space?  What is the nature of the project you're trying to export?  How long is it, and what kind of media does it contain (video/audio/stills)?  If it contains video, did you transcode before editing?  If you don't know what I'm talking about, then I strongly encourage you watch this:

    If you're not transcoding, it's possible some issue with one or more video clips could be causing HitFilm to crash.  Before I began transcoding, I got crashes on a regular basis with any imported video.  Now it almost never crashes.  Yes, it takes some time and requires more hard drive space, but it's worth it for smoother editing and almost no crashes.

  • Hello Hitfilm Team, Im exporting a video to YouTube and When I export it, it says Error and Process Finished Unexpectedly. I can't stand this and this is what causing me to stress out whenever I try to export a video. I would really appreciate it if someone could tell me whats going on or could help me with this issue. Thank you for your time for reading this. Please Reply to this ASAP.

  • @FierceNikki ; Are you using an older version of Hitfilm.  Exporting directly to Youtube is no longer an option due to ongoing issues with YouTube interface uploading issues.  I think Hitfilm recommends exporting to your video format of choice on your hard drive and then log into your Youtube acct  and upload it.  Hope this helps you out and saves frustration.

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    @FierceNikki I'll go one step farther than @tddavis. Don't try to directly export to Youtube. As tddavis noted, everytime YouTube changed it's code, the direct upload to Youtube broke. That option has actually been removed in all versions of Hitfilm after 4, and it's not going to be fixed in Hitfilm 4.

    Render to your computer, then upload from there.

  • @Triem23 How do I render to my Computer?

  • And By the way the Version im using is Hitfilm Express 2017, Is that an old version?

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Hitfilm Express 2017 is the current version, but my guess is you're in Hitfilm Express 4. Express 2017 is when YouTube export was removed... 

    Either way, this video covers how to Import and Export everything in any version of Hitfilm from v2 on (Express 2017 is v5). 

    Pre Hitfilm 2017 export starts at about 12:30. Hitfilm 2017 and later export starts at 28:20.

  •  Omg thanks so much! I'm going to watch this video right now to see if it will help me! Thx a bunch!

  • @Triem23 Hello, I watched the whole video (Just to be sure) and it seems im still confused. (Like on rendering the video) Can you give me like a certain point in the video where I could watch to show me how to do what you just told me to do? (Sorry, im 13 and new (sort of) with this. The export button is driving me crazy)

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    @FierceNikki pardon my momentary laziness, but I'll refer you back to the description in the video, which has time codes for the relevant sections. On a computer, clicking those time codes will jump you to the relevant section. 

    Otherwise, well, that's my video, thus the best explanation I have. If you do a YouTube search for "Hitfilm Export" you'll find other videos from other tutorial creators that might have explanations that are better for you. :) 

  •  In the export for me, Im not using the old export Im using the Updated export for Hitfilm Express 2017 (Like hitfilm pro) I dont think that the video is clearing up my answers on to this. I just notice that. And I searched up  Hitfilm Export and the results are giving me the ones thats 6-8 years ago or a year ago or over 5 months ago. I want the updated recent version to fix my problem.




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    Hello, im back after a month now. I uninstall HitFilm Express 2017 and reinstalled and everything was good again, I could upload and edit with out troubles except one, when I try to upload my new video to YouTube, it says " the project XML document is invalid" What does that mean? That didnt happened before.

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