Limitation of the Action Pro demo/trial? [ANSWER]

Action pro is an awesom piece of software but i gonna download a trial of it but what cant i export from it they really mean that i cant export composite shot of hitfilm from action then how will i demo it without using please explain the thing to me


  • Ok, first of all grammer,

    “Action pro is an awesome piece of software, I am going to download a trial of it, but, what can't I export from it? Do they really mean that I can't export a composite shot (or complete shot not sure what you ment there) from hitfilm to action? If so, than how can I demo it? Can someone please explain this process  to me?”  (not trying to be rude or offend you, its just hard to read without proper grammar)


    Secondly, I believe the way that the trial works is, you can create a project, import anything, but you cannot export any of your work in any way. I don’t know how the program works or really even what it does but that is how it works for HitFilm Pro and the description is the same “There is no time limit on the demo and you can save your projects, but be aware that export is not enabled.” so I am guessing it works the same.


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