How to make an image scale in size based on an audio track?


I have been scouring the web for a few weeks now trying to figure this out. I think part of the problem is that I don't know the terminology of what I'm trying to do so I end up turning in circles.

I recorded audio for a podcast and I have a track for every guest on the show. I want to add an image of each guest and have the image pulse in size based on a linked audio track. Just a quick visual representation that this person is currently talking.

I feel like this should be a fairly simple task but I cannot, for the life of me, figure out how.

I've been messing with the audio waveform effect as well as particle effects (as they seem to interact with one another easily enough) but I can't seem to link the audio to a scale attribute.

Any ideas or tips?


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    You can do it, but it's not automatic by any means. I managed by first projecting the audio onto the screen with the Audio Spectrum or Audio Waveform, adjust the sized to get about a dozen bars, picking one that seemed representative of the bassline and using a Two Point tracker on it to get a Scale value out of it to apply to an image. I also added another Point that was itself scaled down as a parent (and maybe a third as a baseline offset, can't remember exactly?) so that I could turn the 0-100% of the line changing into something more like 100-110%.

    In short it was pain in the backside and I only did it to prove it could be done. Someone did recently manage to get some sort of a scale value out of one of the Audio Effects, but he was stuck with the 0-100% variation problem.

    IMO, your best bet is to pick some random scale values from 100-110%, generate a handful of keyframes and cut'n'paste them into the timeline in what you think are convincing places. If you overlay the Audio Spectrum on top as well no one's going to notice the scale values aren't accurate.

  • I assume you've been experimenting with Atomic Particles perhaps?  If you use enough of them and tweak the size you can map an image on them, but the influence of the audio track will tend to break up the image.

    However it is a place to start.  Take a look at this tutorial.  Axel goes into detail about how to add the audio track at about 3 min. into the tut.


  • Thanks for the tips! I thought I'd receive email notification which is why I am so late back here.

    @Palacono, I will look into this as a solution. It might not be pretty but if it works then I'll be happy.

    @Stargazer, I was experimenting with particles but seeing how I'm a bit of a noobie some of these options are a bit above my pay grade.

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