HF Pro 6 Crash after Crash

I began to use it today in a serious way but it´s impossible to make it work for more than 10 minutes.  It has been crashing over and over again when undoing mask points, when tracking , etc
HF pro 2017 works normally in the same hardware so I have no reason to doubt on it .
I'm using a PC over W8.1 pro:

i7 4790

24Gb RAM

Nvidia GTX1050Ti 4Gb

Several SSD and HDD

May you have some clue or this will be solved on a future update?




  • Hi Ivan,

    Sorry to hear that.

    Please double-check your graphics card drivers are up to date ( https://hitfilm.com/faqs/view/10 ) and if the issue is still occurring, contact us in Support. We will need you to generate a DxDiag report showing your detailed hardware configuration, so this is best not shared publicly!

  • edited December 2017

     Hi Daniel ,

    I know they aren't up to date (v.382.05) but latest driver (at least 388.13 & 388.31 ) work so bad , the GPU unperforms with them installed, so last time I had to revert again to 382.05... I'll give a try with 388.71 released yesterday but I don't think it's a matter of drivers.
    I'll keep you on tune.


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