Time Reverse Optimization?

I use the Time Reverse effect a lot, but Hitfilm take a very long time to render it. I just wonder if that's anything you know the Hitfilm team is aware of  and potentially considering optimizing it, or if there's nothing to do about it?

Thanks in advance!


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    Chances are there's little to be done here. Time Reversal is actually a fairly complex and resource intensive effect, especially with certain media types like h.264/mp4/AVCHD. I'm not doing the technical reasons at the time, or I'll be typing this on my phone for the next 20 min. Suffice to say there are a few reasons why this effect probably won't be re-optimized anytime soon. It's more difficult than you might think and probably very low priority to consider.

    Currently the best way to improve performance of a time reversed clip is to right-click it, convert to a Composite Shot (and move effects into the new Comp when you do) then proxy this Comp. 

  • The only real optimization, and realistically the best optimization, that can be done for time reverse is to transcode your media to an All-I frame format. Line Cineform, DNxHD/HR or Prores.

    As stated in another post, LongGOP media is going to have performance issues when backing up frames via an effect in the effects chain.

  • Ok, thanks so much!

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