[RESOLVED] Obj Model and FBX Animation Disables Model Lighting (convert model to FBX to fix)

Here's one I've been dissecting..

I have stormtrooper obj (Josh used this in his tutorial) and a FBX animation I created using Mixamo.

Animation and model work perfectly together. Turn on lights and the model goes black. Delete the FBX animation the model comes back with lighting.

I take it mixing the two is whats causing the problem?


  • Sorry folks,

    I can answer my own question. The two file formats do not play nice together. The simple fix to this "type" of problem is to convert the existing OBJ to a FBX format... and it just so happens that the free Autodesk FBX is my new best friend.

  • Well, glad you figured it out. It's a good thing to note, so I added your solution to your headline. :) 

    SPOILERS! ;) 

  • Any chance you could list the steps you took to get it working.  I've messed with miximo (using their built in knight character) and exported it to FBX from within the tool.  When I import the FBX to hitfilm I can't see any part of the mesh.   When I import that same FBX into autodesk FBX  converter it sees both the mesh and animation...  any help would be appreciated.  

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    @superdumbkid Please see private message I sent you. This short resolved thread was more about mixing two different files (.obj and .fbx) :-)

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