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I have sequenced different titles to appear throughout a clip, but I'm not sure of the best way to ensure the text for all the titles is in the exact centre of the screen.

I know this should be simple, but I'm having a bit of a simpleton moment. Thanks


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    If you whant to center it in the X axis well, be sure the text box is in 0;0 into the transform > position property and then click on the centered paragraph icon.

    If you would like to center it even in the Y axis I think the only ways is to create a poin and then try to move the text layer up and down until the point is in the middle of the text.

    maybe someone knows a better method but this is what I would do

  • Quickest way: add a 3D camera and then you'll have the Red/Green marker appear which will mark the centre point.

    Or create a Preset with the Grid Effect. Adjust the gaps and offsets etc. You can then make up several custom ones with logo areas, boxes, subtitle areas, whatever you'll need for future use.

  • Ah, cheers Palacono, thanks heaps. I can see the second method will save me time in the long run; any chance of walking me through it? Not especially familiar with presets. I've watched a few tutorials, but they all seem a lot more advanced than what I'm trying to achieve and I find myself getting confused...

    (And cheers for the tips on the previous video; I got that up and running no small thanks to your advice)

  • It's not that complicated.
    Create a Plane, Drag the Grid Effect onto it. Adjust the Border Radius to 1.0, drag the points about to get what you want and/or adjust the values in the effect itself. Right Click Mouse Button> Create Preset > give it a sensible name. Best of luck. :)

  • Lovely jubbly. Text as I want it. Thanks, as always.

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