Express Addon Purchased - does it update/upgrade with you

Apologies in advance.  I did search, and have most likely read.  I have a rare neuro-disease and just need an answer.

After purchase, if Express or The Addon is upgraded, do I still maintain the Paid Addon Status?  Again, I'm sure I've read it.

Please and Thanks,

Rone aka Battleborn


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    Yes, they do carry through 

    Additionally, if you ever upgrade to Pro, your Express add-ons apply as a partial discount on the upgrade. This isn't broken down in the store, since there are so many combinations of add-on packs, but is applied at checkout. 

    Incidentally, if you are the kind of person who enjoys paper and pencil RPGs, I used to work for a game company where our sci-fi game was Era Ten: Battle Born. Sci-fi armored mercs a millennium in the future. Our old material is being released on Kindle. Battle Born is now packaged with Ground Zero (the squad level miniatures game) for $5. Almost 350 pages of content (the print edition was 96 pages). If that might be your kind of thing, check it out. If not, well. I ended up working for the company after being an unabashed fan.

    There are some Battle Born short stories and a novel under "Red Rahm." Think those are a buck. Very tounge in cheek. But I won't junk the forum with too much borderline spam. ;) 

  • Not Spamming me   thats super sweet.  I love HitFilm.

    I'm gonna check that out - I'm always looking for Indie Projects for The Show!

    Me and Ewok the Appalachian Outlaw (History Channel) did this just messing around.  The Version Pro one day is mine. 

    Thanks for the awesome Tutorials too.


  • oh yea.... D20 FTW!  

    WoW is a DnD Clone - RIP Gary Gygax


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