[RESOLVED] Stabilization won't work for me

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Whenever I try to 2 point track and stabilize, at the end of the process my play button dissappears (never to reappear) from the main viewer window. When I switch from comp to editor, the file that I tried to stabilize will be grey in the timeline, there will be no play button, and scrubbing through to other clips shows nothing in the viewer.

What I do:

Select clip in timeline and create comp shot. In comp editor, I go to tracks property, select two point, and place my boxes on the clip. Then Play and track, then apply.

After that my play button disappears from the viewer. When I switch to editor view, the viewer panel is grey with no play button either. The program is still responsive...I can click things and tabs will change, but nothing actually works. Am I doing something wrong?



  • Edit:

    Nevermind. Figured it out.

    After stabilizing, when I switch from comp to the editor the main panel switches from viewer to layer mode for some reason.  As in, when I hit create comp,  I'm in viewer mode...but when I return to the editor, it will be in Layer mode. That's why I just see a big grey box of nothing. 

    I don't remember HF doing this in previous versions though...

  • Hitfilm always has shifted from Viewer to Layer panel during tracking, but it's easy to overlook or forget. That gets me all the time. 

    To (try) to remember, just think that one might have effects on a layer being tracked and Hitfilm is shifting to Layer to not obscure what's being tracked with additional junk. 

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