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I often have two microphones, one microphone I put on the left channel and the other right channel microphone, which I then want to mix into a mono channel sometimes more of the left microphone in the left channel and a little more of the right microphone in it right channel. Sometimes I want to switch left and right channel does this work on Hitfilm pro? If you do this work in an audio editing software then you must be able to extract the sound in wav or mp3, how do you do that?


  • Essential Hitfilm 04 - How to Edit Audio in Hitfilm

    Audacity is the most common free audio editor and if you add the FFMpeg import plugin it can open the audio from video clips then export it as a wav. If you want to export an mp3, you need to add the Lame mp3 encoder. If you need to extract the audio from a lot of clips you might want to learn a little about FFMpeg. It's a command line tool so the learning curve is a little steep, but once you have it setup and a script working, extracting audio for a whole folder of clips is just a right click or a drag and drop away. 

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