Features and components pulled out in new HitFilm Pro compared to 2017?



I'd like to know if some features or modules have been dropped in the new version of HitFilm Pro.
I'm especially referring to Mocha and Boris3D, I am not seemingly seeing any mention of them in the Pro section of the website.

Also, if Boris3D is still there, I reported a few weeks ago a heavy showstopper with scroll in the Boris3D interface panel, has this been addressed?




  • @mabian

    Both Boris and Mocha in my effects list. I have used both of them since upgrading to Hitfim pro 



  • Issues with the Boris interface need to be reported to Boris. The Hitfilm team are not responsible for that code. 

  • Thanks Bob, in the meanwhile I found mention of both on the new Pro section of FX home website. 

    @Triem23, understood, but since

    1) I understood this is a special version of boris3d, customized to be more tightly integrated with HitFilm

    2) it is in bundle with HitFilm 

    I guessed the report should pass through HitFilm support. 

    Any idea on how to report this properly to Boris? BTW I'm setting up a new workstation with a video card more in line with HitFilm requirements, so I'll wait to check before move forward. 



  • Hi @BobDiMarzio, no here the problem is that if I use big font sizes in Boris3d title studio  so that I have to scroll down the panel,  the application (HitFilm) totally freeze and I have to terminate the process, eventually losing unsaved data.

  • @mabian

    No features have been dropped/removed in the latest version of HF Pro.

    If third party plugins are not showing up then either (a) your copy of HF has not been activated or (b) there is an issue with your installation.

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    Hi @DannyDev, probably I am not explaining the issue well enough.

    I *see* the Boris3D title studio effect and I am able to open and use it.

    BUT, when I have big font sizes and the panel becomes scrollable, just trying to drag the vertical scrollbar makes the Boris interface totally unresponsive, and with it HitFilm.

    Only way to get back to work is killing HitFilm process and restart it.

    I hope is clear this time :)

    Best regards,


  • Unfortunately this sounds like a problem with the BCC plugin which is beyond our control.

    I suggest raising a support ticket anyway.

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