Confused. Hitfilm 4 Pro is update to Hitfilm Pro 2017??

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Just confused by the naming guys...


  • @aknittel "HitFilm 4 Pro" is version 4, "HitFilm Pro 2017" is version 5 and the newly released "HitFilm Pro" is version 6. We decided to drop any version number in the name to be easier going forward.

    Sorry about the confusion.

  • Got that. But my upgrade from pro 2017, for $169, does that also give me everything Studio does? Hit fil pro should give me new ignite pro at least.

  • Upgrading from pro 2017 lost my custom workspace. Any function to migrate?


    Also how do I delete the uninstall the earlier version which I don't need now.

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    The "Hitfilm Studio" upgrade seems to include what was in my "Hitfilm Pro 2017" upgrade last year (which included "Ignite Pro 2017"), but will cost me £222 instead of £167. Alternatively I can upgrade without "Ignite" for £149. Is there a comparison chart which shows the differences between the package I have and the new "Hitfilm Studio" so I can work out which upgrade path is best for me?

  • Yes that's exactly my confusion. I just upgraded to HitFilm Pro from pro 2017, so do I also have to upgrade to Ignite Pro from whatever version of Ignite came with HitFilm pro 2017 to get everything in ignite Pro?

  •  @aknittel Ah sorry I misunderstood your question. Yes, to get the latest version of Ignite, you need to upgrade to Ignite Pro.

    If you would like to upgrade both HitFilm and Ignite then the best option is to upgrade to Studio, which will give you access to the new Action Pro as well. If you have bought the HitFilm upgrade already, you can contact support to get a refund and then get the studio bundle.

    So to sum up: If you want to upgrade but are only interested in HitFilm, upgrade HitFilm. If you are only interested in Ignite, upgrade Ignite Pro. If you want both, upgrade to Studio.

  • Sorry. I'm still confused and I think it's because of something internal you need to check on.

    I have Hitfilm 4 and Hitfilm 2017 that I upgraded just under a year ago. When I hit any Upgrade pricing button it says it will be $169 from Hitfilm 4, with no mention of the 2017 (version 5).

    I guess I'm thinking it should be a better price for those that stay current or at least list the proper version so I don't think it's a mistake and I'm overpaying.

  • @Farscape when you press the upgrade button it will show you the best price you can get depending on what you bought in the past. If you click the "Other upgrade options" link then you can see a list of all your licenses and the upgrade price associated with it.

    I have notified the web developers about this, they will have a look to see if there's any issues with the code.

  • @CedricBonnier thanks for explanation that I need to upgrade to Ignite Pro to get the latest Ignite with HitFilm Pro. However, What does the latest version of Ignite give me over the version that was built-in to Pro 2017 or HitFilm Pro now?

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    We have investigated, and can confirm that the "Best upgrade price" listed is always the cheapest upgrade price available.

    If you have two products for which the upgrade discount is exactly the same, you may have seen either product listed as your best option - thus older software might have appeared ahead of newer software.

    We're now updating this so that your most recent upgrade option is listed first.

  • Thanks, Cedric. Upgrade to Ignite Pro makes it clear now. Can I ask, what effects included in HitFilm Pro are clearly labeled as bundled Ignite effects?

  • Yes. Your techs fixed the issue. All good and clear now, even though I might still think 2017 users should get a better deal than 4's. Ha.

  • Every single effect on ignite is available in HitFilm Pro. The opposite is not true though, have a look at the ignite page on the store for a full list of effects and what hosts they are available in.

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