I get a black screen when I playback a video. - Graphical error

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Ever since I restarted my computer, the playback panel has been previewing a black screen. It is really bugging me, because I'm a student and I'm editing a travel log and I only have until December to complete it. But, the audio works completely fine for some reason. Please try to look into it, I really like your editing software but, if I can't find a solution soon I might have to switch to a different editing software. In fact, right before I uploaded this discussion, I found out that I can't even import video footage anymore.

How to reproduce the error. (I don't know how accurate this will be, because it's based on my memory)

1. Leave computer on sleep mode for 2-4 days, connected to: Mouse, Seagate External Storage/Drive (I don't know which one).

2. Update Hitfilm Express 2017 to October 12, 2017 patch, on Complete setup (The one that uses the most disk space)

3. Open either un-updated or updated version of Hitfilm Express 2017, and load up a save file.

4. Then, black playback screen, with perfectly working audio. If I try to import a video or move a clip, I'll get a 'We're Sorry" pop-up notification.

-Windows 8.1

-64-bit Operating System, x64-based processor

-Lenovo Ideapad S510r

-GeForce GT 720M

-Intel Core i5


  • This had happened to me after the power cable had fell out of my computer. Right click on a clip in your project and select remove proxy, hopefully this works for you. 

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    When I right click it shows Proxy > Make proxy. How do I remove it? I've also re-installed this program at least twice.

    I've been using Shotcut ever since this accident, I don't like it, but, it's an okay temporary editing software.

  • Go to File, Options and select the Proxy tab.  In the lower right of the frame, check "Delete all Proxies".

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