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So I have been recording gameplay with PlaysTV and I’m trying to create a short machinima. One of my issues is that I can’t pan the camera smoothly and when I try to rotate the camera it becomes basically jittery as it is not smooth. Is there a way to smooth out the already recorded gameplay footage in Hitfilm Express 2017 or perhaps even a way to smooth it out as you are recording?


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    maybe your problem is the variable bitrate or too low fps. or your engine was not able to show your hitfilm comp/edit in full-quality. raise to half or quarter res (upper right) or export a short clip to show on an player.

  • Its not that the footage is laggy compared to what im experiencing.. i just physically cant move my mouse at a perfect speed in one direction, it comes out choppy.

  • This feels like a typical GIGO (garbage in, garbage out) situation. Not saying that what you're doing is garbage, but some types of imperfections can't be corrected in post, like camera motion.  Yes, stabilization can be done to some extent, but inconsistent speed and rough starts/stops are a different matter.  It sounds like your best bet is to look for a way to get cleaner camera motion at the source, in whatever game software you're using to capture your footage.  HitFilm can definitely be there for you to add effects and help with editing, but it can't correct bad camera motion.

  • To fix something like that about the only thing I can think of to try is motion prediction, estimation and interpolation to retime sections of your clips. That's something HitFilm doesn't have and no matter what, you're looking at a lot of trial and error work that might not ever return a good result not to mention retiming throws the audio off. 

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