Should i get mocha pro

I'm thinking about getting Mocha pro, does anyone have it?  If so, does it work well with hitfilm pro?


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    Mocha Pro works as a plug-in just like Mocha Hitfilm. 

    Can't say if you SHOULD buy it, but I'll give you the advantages... 

    Mocha Pro adds stabilization, lens correction, object insert and object removal functions. If you did something stupid like shoot something that requires a clean plate and didn't shoot the clean plate it's invaluable. Lens correction plates can be saved for reuse. The Insert function has bezier warping and allows you to create composites inside Mocha itself. The stabilization isn't a Warp stabilization, but it's more powerful than Hitfilm's, as you can track a spline and stabilize around it. And you can set stabilization strength, so you could do, say, 50% stabilization for a cleaner shot, while keeping some camera motion. 

    In my Ghostbusters Go short, when David is vaporized... Yeah, that's handheld and no clean plate. Mocha was the only tool that could remove him and patch the background. Mocha pro was used to track every shot with a visual effect, and that's literally every shot in the skit but two.

  • I have mocha pro for hitfilm pro 2017, they work great and there are more feature than basic as mocha hitfilm, if you work 3d tracking for 3d composition it is useful.

    Hope that help you.

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