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My EN is bad but i hope you will understand me.

So i had youtube channel couple of months ago and i was using HitFilm to edit my videos, after i edited my video i would just export video to youtube though hitfilm and it would take like 10min to upload 5min video. But now when i am back to youtube again, and i started making videos again i realized that i can not export video to youtube through hitfilm again, now i first have to export video on my PC, then i have to upload it on youtube but now it takes me like 1+h to upload 5min video... i really don't understand how and why does it take that long.... its just so slow. And i watched your youtube video about new uploading update, and you removed that. So i want to ask can you make something like, that we can upload videos over hitfilm to youtube immediately or to export them to our PC, can you make that we can choose what we want to do? i don't see why would you not make both, and if not can you at least tell me why does it take me so long to upload videos from my PC to youtube that long, but when i was uploading from through hitfilm to youtube it would take me only couple of minutes i hope you understand me, and that you can help me out somehow thank you.


  • It was removed because every time Google changed the code to upload to YouTube, it would break inside HitFilm.

  • Okay, but why does it take me so long to upload my videos now without hitfilm? I mean i edit video in hitfilm i export it to my PC, and when i start uploading it takes so long.. i don't understand why, i don't make long videos i make short videos max 10min... last video i was uploading was 3min it took me over 30min to upload that... why... but when i was uploading in hitfilm it took me like 10min to upload 5min video... what is the difference?

  • @PUBGHighlights assuming you are now using HitFilm 2017, what preset are you using to export your video? The "YouTube 1080p HD" preset is probably your best option but it is using a higher bitrate for the video than HitFilm 4, which means that the produced video file will be slightly larger but better quality (this could be one of the reasons why uploading is slower for you).

    Maybe try a different browser to upload your video. My guess is that uploading videos to YouTube will work best in Chrome because both are developed by Google.

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