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I'm not happy ! 

Since yesterday, Hitfilm Express changes automatically and alone the video format in "Project Settings" while I'm in video editing (2 times)

My movies are 2080x1800 px in .mov.

First : from 720 full HD 29.97 fps (1280x720 px) to a new format CUSTOM 1800 px 59.94 fps (2080x1800 px) 

Second : from 1080 HD 29.97 fps (1920x1080 px) to a new format CUSTOM 1800 px 59.94 fps (2080x1800 px)


Thanks your quick answer 


  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator
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    Sounds like YOU disabled this warning prompt.

    Prompt when media doesn't match timeline: Adding a clip to an empty editor timeline will give you the option of matching the editor project settings to those of the media. When this option is disabled, the editor project settings will be automatically updated to match the first clip that is added, without an alert being displayed. 

    Since YOU turned this off (it's ON by default), Hitfilm will automatically change the project size to match the first media clip you add to an Editor Timeline--which is exactly what you described. 

    Go up to the "File" drop down menu at the top left of the interface, select "Options," navigate to the "Prompts and Warnings" tab and check "Prompt when media doesn't match timeline."

    After that, you can work on not being angry at yourself over the error you caused.

    Here is the relevant manual page:


  • OK :) 

    Thank you for your quick answer 

  • my video file is of 2 minutes but all the time in the timeline it shows it's of 4-5 minutes 

     my video is automatically extended itself i don't know why. At the time of exporting too after completing  when i started the video it showed a blank screen after completing the 2 minutes.

    please tell me what to do .


  • @deadpool00tgmailcom ...

    1. Start a new thread instead of appending to one that has nothing to do with your question.

    2. The default HitFilm Editor timeline length is 5 minutes, but that's just the available space HitFilm gives you to work within.  It doesn't mean that your video automatically becomes that long, nor does it mean that you have to export that full length.  Watch this video, which details HitFilm's export features.


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