Hitfilm 2017 Express doesn't run after update.

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When I run Express 2017 I get the following error. Have uninstalled and reinstalled with the same result:

Any help to get it working appreciated.



Win 7x64 Pro/8GB


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    Ive just installed Express 2017 on a new computer that reaches all the requirements, and it gives me the following error:


    We're Sorry.

    HitFilm Express 2017 has encountered an problem and has to exit.

    To help us fix this problem, please send the crash report to us.


    Ive used express 2017 before, and it's worked swimmingly, so i dont understand  why its not working now,

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    @Mason_ @craftycurate I merged your threads since same issue same day.

    Ok, from the beginning. Specs, CPU, GPU, OS, RAM and storage. Antivirus? Have you changed anything else? New software, Windows updates, etc?

    That generic error tells us nothing. May be better to just contact support.


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