[Resolved] Blurry video even though high bitrate (75 MBit CBR)

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Is there a way to fix this? My file is already 2.2 GB large and the video only 5 minutes... Still the quality is poor... I used highest Level and High profile for exporting... (60 fps) Any ideas?


  • What resolution are you trying to export? What resolution are your source files? What geat did you use to record your footage? And perhaps if you can include some more info so the guys at the forum can understand what is going on

  • I'll also add, why constant bitrate (CBR)?

  • 1920x1080. both source and export. "geat" ? Program? Nvidia Geforce Experience Shadowplay. CBR to make sure there is no quality loss? (with VBR I think there can be quality loss)

  • Sorry, I meant gear. 

    I would suggest to export at 4,1 profile 15Mbit and see what you get. 

    As long as you are not upscaling your footage, there should be no reason to be blurry or pixelated. 

    Try exporting a small portion of your timeline so you don't spend hours with every test

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    VBR does not cause quality loss. Under certain circumstances the opposite can be true. CBR could cause quality loss if you force every frame to use the same amount of data to describe it, but the frame contains a more detail than can be contained in that data.

    As an example, set the CBR very low, like 2MB, on some video that has both still and moving sections. The still shots will look more or less OK, and the moving sections will look awful. VBR varies the amount of data per frame according to what is required by the amount of details in the frame.

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    Emecorp 60 fps doesnt work on Level 4.1. So I tried 4.2. VBR, Target br 25 Mbps, Max br 30 mbps. Very good quality now! :) H.264 is awesooome

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