Composite shot without audio. Possible?

Hi, every time I create a composite shot I get an empty audio track in the Editor linked to the composite shot. Is there a way to create a composite shot without audio? Sure, I can unlink audio and delete it, but doing so, dozens of times, is kind of annoying.



  • I guess, the answer is NO. OK perhaps somebody can explain the benefit of such a feature? I mean, when we create a composite shot from scratch, we want to work on the video part, right? Why do we need an empty audio track, then? If we create a composite shot from a video which is already in the Editor, the audio is already there. All, what needs to be done is - syncing the composite shot and Editor's playback. So, when we work on the composite shot, we can hear the audio coming out from the Master channel in the audio mixer. And when we are back to the Editor, we see the composite shot instead of the old video and no extra, empty audio. Or, I'm missing something?

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    Hold the Alt key as you drag a Composite Shot from the Media Bin to the Editor Timeline and it will place only audio or video depending on the track you select..

    This also works for video.

    Composite shots may contain audio, and Audio Spectrum/Waveform effects require audio, some Atomic Particle options require audio, and the Doppler audio effect can only be applied in a Composite Shot. If creating a Composite from a clip in the Editor one could assume one wants to keep the audio. As far as the Editor Timeline goes a Composite Shot is treated as a video clip, so there are several reasons for the default behavior.

    But, there's the Alt modifier... 

  • The annoying thing is that when creating a comp from the NLE timeline of a video only clip, Hitfilm creates a blank audio clip linked the comp. In the process, Hitfilm may create a new audio track to hold the audio clip.

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    Exactly. Moreover, if you create a comp out of a video clip which holds audio, playing it back (in the comp editor) results in boosting audio level.

    Wouldn't it be better to add "Include audio" option to a comp properties window? In this case, everyone will be happy.

    Thanks for the tip, Triem23!

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    Zoloto an "Enable/Disable Audio" toggle to a Composite Shot's properties is a fantastic idea! You should go add that to the official Wishlist thread here.

    The devs regularly check that. And I'm fairly certain both @NormanPCN and I (at least) would go "+1" such a suggestion.

  • Comps are always created with audio, however you can easily unlink and delete the audio component when those comps are used on the editor timeline.

    You can also choose to not export audio in the export screen.

    Turning off audio for comps would only remove the 'levels' property from the comp tree.

    Editor sequences also always have audio, even if it is silent. They must have at least audio track that cannot be deleted.

    I'm not sure why this is an issue?

  • Because:
    1. Leaving empty audio takes in the Editor, creates a mess and confusion.
    2. Unlinking and deleting empty audio takes is simply annoying.

    Here is the real life example. I just finished a video tutorial. It holds 14 comps. Each comp has only video. Can you imagine my frustration  when I unlink and delete audio part, every time? And it was only 3:40 min long tut. Sometimes, it can be 15-20 min. It is just not a pleasant experience.

    If audio has to be a part of a comp, how about the following workflow:
    When I create a comp from a video clip in the Editor, HP creates it as usual with audio. However, when the comp is done and I return to the Editor, HP unlinks and deletes the audio component for me. What is needed is, adding the "Disable audio" option in Comp/Layer/Controls/Audio. And if each layer has this option ticked, then HP will unlink and delete audio on my return to the Editor. That should make everybody happy.

  • +1 to that. Add it to the Wishlist here: Hitfilm Wishlist

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