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so basically I want to get the Fast and Furious title look, I like the flares behind the writing. I found an (COUGH) AE tutorial, and thought I can do that. But frankly I am struggling to make the flares do what they should. It there a good tutorial on light flares / steaks. And yes I have see ones on using particles and that seems way overkill. One challenge I have is I can use a flare to make a light then use the anamorphic flare effect to make the streak and it looks fine but the big light I don't want on screen and if I move it off screen the flare moves with it and disappears.

I'm doing something wrong... ideas?


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     Wouldn't colored planes with feathered masks and a bit of glow and blur give you what you want? Tie them all to a nulll so you can control them all at once? Flares without plugins basically.

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    @GrayMotion beat me to it. I used to "roll my own" flares with masked planes in Vegas.

    Or... Try changing the blend control in Anamorphic Flares to "None," and set the Grade Layer's blend (you're creating flares on a grade, right?) to "Normal."  That should give you just the actual flare streaks without anything else.

    Look at the Light Leak effect, too. 

  • Nice tip @Triem23. Just tried that out...worked pretty slick.

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    @GrayMotion yeah, but your suggestion of "rolling your own" is a good one, too.

    Or... Try duplicating the text layer and adding a ton of angle blur and some glows to the bottom copy.

    I should watch this Ae tutorial... 

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    Tutorial intro: No Plug Ins!

    Five minutes in: *opens third-party Optical Flares plug in...

    Ok, here's a steal from @inScapeDigital...

    In the regular lens flare effect you can turn off and on individual elements--hotspot, rays, and lens artifact. Try loading up an Anamorphic Streak effect and turn off the hotspot as an example.

    This was the basis for Javert's Radiance packs--he stacked up multiple lens flares with different elements turned off or on to mix abd match some custom looks. 

  • Thanks as always guys, woke up this morning to this lot, Ill have a play.

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