Dumb Noob question - Auto Flare Sci-fi Lightsword Clash

Created a new plane, set blend to add, turned on the flare, set to saber clash orange, put the cross hair where I wanted the flare and....nothing.

What did I screw up?


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    In theory nothing, I just did the same thing in Hitfilm and worked. New COMP add a plane, changed the layer to ADD and then add the Light Flare effect to the plane. Then changed the type to Lightsword clash orange and bingo shows up on screen.

    Only thing I can think off is your Hotspot position is way off the screen. Try Zeroing out both values.

    Good luck.


    EDIT : Are you using AutoLight Flares, this will only generate something for light areas of the image. The Light Flares effect instead. Unless you are trying to only have it on the light bit, then it might be tricky because in my test the sword is all the same brightness, you would need to add a mask to just the area you want flared and raise the brightness.

  • I was using Auto Flare Sci-fi Light sword clash, so the auto part maybe the problem. I'll try without auto and see how it goes.

  • Yeah, I think unless there is a significant change in the brightness where they meet (which unless you have manually changed it there wont be) it wont do anything. Unfortunately while Hitfilm have made some pretty cool ready made effects there is still much that has to be done manually to make the shot work really well. That said it is very rewarding when you get it looking right.

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