Sharing Hitfilm Project with all source files

Is there a way to have Hitfilm collect all of my source files into one location?  I need to send a project to someone else, and so I need a way to collect all the source material, preferably in the most painless way possible.


  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Hitfilm does not have a tool to automatically gather assets to archive.

    It's already an item in the Wishlist thread, but another vote never hurts.

    Unfortunately you'll have to gather your assets the hard way. For future reference, I always place assets directly into a project folder as I add them. For stock/library assets, yes, this is making a new copy. 

  • Same here.  I also recommend changing your settings to use relative paths instead of absolute paths (Options --> General --> Use relative paths in saved projects).  If you keep all of your assets in a project folder like @Triem23 recommends, this will ensure that you can safely move your entire folder anywhere else -- including sharing it with another HitFilm user -- and all assets will still be found when the project is opened.

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