Drag and drop clips inside the (editor)timeline?

So after hours of working on a small compilation,

I realized I inserted one big clip on the wrong side of the video.


How do I move clips in the timeline around and drop them into a free space where I erased a clip?


  • Click and drag?

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    did that, it allways left a space between the last two clips!



    seems I have to attach the clip just a littlebit closer to the last clip.


    Isn't there an option to close all gaps between all clips

    with a simple click?

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    @Doctopus  I believe there is.  If you right click between the clips (provided the space is big enough) the bottom option is Ripple Delete Gap.  That should do it. Hope this helps.  If they are too close use the slider to magnify the time line and that should let it pop up. 

  • thank you! Will try it asap!

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