Premium Formats

I purchased a Premium Format for Hitfilm Express in hopes of resolving the lack of audio in my ACVHD files. I can hear the audio in my MP4 files ,since I believe they are not recorded in Dolby, but not in my ACVHD files, since they are recorded in Dolby.

I have restarted my computer twice and still no audio. One email said that it the update would be available immediately whereas another email said something about my product arriving within 48 hours.




  • On the Express Home page is the premium formats add-on pack listed with a check mark yet?

    Is the premium formats pack listed in your account on the Hitfilm website?

  • @Vad

    Please also ensure your copy of HitFilm Express is activated. The activation dialog should come up when you initially launch the program, please select "Activate & Unlock" and proceed with the instructions onscreen.

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