How to Morph shapes


How  to morph shapes like in this video


if i try it via copy and paste like in the video, the shapes are united.


Also how to import paths from adobe illustrator? In after effects it's only copy and paste.


Thank's for every help



  • I'm guessing you're trying to replicate this process using HitFilm's masks, but unfortunately they don't behave anything like AE shapes and paths.  HitFilm masks are like AE masks, meant for masking around objects to show/hide specific pieces of layers, and possibly animate those pieces over time, and the only way to change their shapes is by manually dragging their points around.

    HitFilm doesn't currently have a feature similar to AE paths, and no support for importing Adobe Illustrator paths.

  • @jsbarrett well. Boris 3D objects allows import of Ai paths, but only to extrude them, not for morphs. 

    Yeah, in Hitfilm you'd have to animate a mask. By hand. 

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