Demo Reel

Quick question, if someone did a demo reel using Hitfilm pro, would that be accepted by industry standards?


  • @Andersen01498  I cannot speak for the industry at all, but usually a demo reel's body of work should speak for itself regardless of the software used to create it.  If the work is good, I would think any potential employer would be impressed with that and care less about what was used to create it. I could be wrong though.  I think Hitfilm can, and has been shown in many tutorials, to be able to produce film quality VFX.  I know this isn't really an answer; just my 2 cents...

  • I can only speak with confidence about the animation industry, but I have a hunch it'll be similar in others:

    There are no standards for demo reels.

    As @tddavis indicated, it's all about the content, not the tools you used to make that content, and that content speaks volumes on how trained your eye is to recognize -- and how trained your skills are to create -- quality compositing/editing/VFX/animation/insert-skill-here.

  • I agree (not that I know anything) but, as long as no one would be able to say "That's the Fire Effect, that's Smoke distortion, that's Radio Waves" - which is sometimes the case with posted videos - and they could not tell what it was made with: then you're showing off your general skills in achieving a good final result, which is the important thing.

  • Andrew Kraymer and others have all said, demo reals should not be about conforming to a standard, they should represent you, your passion, your skills and your style. It seems most industry don't care how you made the cool effect, they just want the cool effect. Of course, job adverts will said most be a this or that compositor or whatever skills but demo reals it seems should be more than look at me and my ability to do this is AE or HF, or Blender, 3DFXMAX etc.

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