Should I edit with progressive, constant - then export to interlaced variable?

I use a gopro hero session 5 and a canon vixia hg20 and edit with HitFilm 2017.

If I create - and edit with - progressive, constant low-rez .mov proxies from .mts (AVCDH) files, can I (or, better, "should I") then re-link those proxies to the original interlaced, variable files upon export? It does cause interlacing issues - though these seem to go away when I "deinterlace" each clip.

And does this not also raise audio-syncing issue? Does the color correction transfer? Other problems? I'm searching for a smart work flow here...

The only alternative (if that's not the proper work flow) that I see is to begin by creating a higher rez proxie (higher than what I've been using) - and use that to not only edit with, but also to use for final export. This, of course, eats up a bunch of disk space and time, hence me asking if I can't/shouldn't be using low-rez proxies followed by re-linking to original files.



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