Color variation from imported footage


Does somebody know why my imported footage does not have the same color as (for example) a plane which I created in Hitfilm with the exact same RGB value? 

I'm using Hitfilm Express 2017.

The footage that I'm talking about is a lower third and was created in Adobe AfterEffects and then rendered with an alpha background.


Any help would be much appreciated.


  • @matthieuclerc

    It sounds like you used a different color space in AE. Hitfilm may nit support that color space and I think that's why the colors are different... Not sure though, I'm not an AE expert... @Triem23 ?

  • It's possible. As far as I know, Hitfilm only supports Rec 609, 709 and 2020, all of which are TV/Video standards and all of which should be compatible with sRGB. So, if (for example) the lower third was created in AdobeRGB there would be color drift. 

    Because of the way varied video standards encode color, there could be color drift there, too. Especially mp4. 

    Check your Ae color space settings? Since you exported with alpha, I'd assume the export was Prores, or an image sequence? 

  • Hitfilm didn't like MP4s I turned into ProRes when I use Convert (v2,v3 and v4). It expanded 16-235 to 0-255... or Convert did. Couldn't work out which was doing what or when.

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    Thanks for the fast replies!

    The problem is solved! :)

    Here is the mistake I did:
    I rendered the AE footage on mac (QuickTime with alpha background).
    The thing is that my Hitfilm is installed on a Windows PC. 
    After doing the same process with a normal h264 where the colors where fine I figured out that there is a "compatibility" issue between Windows and QuickTime. 

    To fix this:
    Convert the QuickTime files on a Windows PC with AE to AVI.
    AVI also supports alpha background.


    That's the way it worked for me. Maybe there's someone who knows some better/simpler way?

  • If it works, it works. Between different color spaces, different encoders, different operating systems and 0-255 vs 16-235 there are at least five places in the chain that could cause the color shift. 

    If you have something that works, stick with it for now. 

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