Can Hitfilm support the Bodymovin plugin? [Hitfilm to HTML plugin]

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Does anyone here know if the Bodymovin plugin will be supported in future releases?  I'm doing dev work for phone app, and the client says he wants the animations to look exactly like this -- (cranks up the pressure on me)

From what I'm reading, it appears that an animation made in AE can be exported using a plugin called Bodymovin.

Then Lottie (which I guess sits on the phone?) takes the exported datafile and renders the AE animation for use in a phone app.   Looks way cool for animated buttons and controls.  Myself, I'd rather stay in Hitfilm  --  Not looking forward to the AE learning curve.  

Can anyone from FXHome give any assistance in this?  Can the Github project be forked for a Hitfilm version?  Meaning, if Bodymovin is an "After Effects to HTML library" can there be a similar plugin created for a Hitfilm to HTML library?

I just found this -- click in the white area at the bottom of the page and type some words below.  I believe the animations were created in AE and then exported for use as SVG in this demo.

Neat -- after you type some words, you can run your mouse cursor over the letters and the animation repeats.



  • Unfortunately HitFilm can't support Bodymovin. Bodymovin and Lottie make use of AE's vector animation engine and HitFilm doesn't have a vector engine. 

  • ...doesn't have a vector engine yet.

    Can we take up a collection to encourage the dev team to make it happen?



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