Filming the Eclipse?



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    By the way, here is a picture of our CAMERA CATCHING ON FIRE while filming the eclipse.

    Ok, not really.  While going through photos afterward, on my computer, I noticed that this random cloud just happens to line up with the camera, and kind of looks like the camera is smoking.

    (okay, apparently I can't figure out how to embed a photo here via dropbox...)

    MOD EDIT: Fixed picture link

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     @TimLan635 If you want to insert photos form DropBox you have to modify the link by changing the 'www' to 'dl' (for Direct Link) Here's an example of how it should start:

    After you click the insert/edit image button and add a link you should be able to hit the Tab key and see the Dimensions fields auto populate. If they don't then there's a problem with the link. 

    Something I just learned:

    It seems DropBox direct links will insert an image just like a YouTube link inserts a video without having to use the insert/edit image button.


  • @Aladdin4d -- Thanks for the info, and for fixing the link.  Hopefully I'll remember it the next time I post something (which is about once a year...)

  • Great video! I didn't bother trying to watch the eclipse this time around, but thanks to the info you shared at the end of your video, it looks like we might be able to stay in our back yard to catch the next one.

  • @Timlan635  Thanks for sharing. Very nicely done.   I can appreciate the amount of work that went into post processing!   Oh by the way, I also turned 60 this year. 

  • I'm starting to feel a little younger!  (well, only about 3 years younger...)

  • @TimLan635 ; Wow! 

    What a great memory & keepsake of your trip.  Well done!

    Not to mention, great footage of the event

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