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  • my audio and video are out of synch how can I fix it . I am using a logitech hd webcam .  When I watch the video in windows media player they are fine .

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

    thank you

  • @theepilepsyguy Your question really should be in a new thread, as it has nothing to do with HitFilm presets.

    That aside, your video probably was probably encoded with a variable frame rate (VFR).  Media players can handle VFR footage just fine, but it makes editing challenging for most editors, including HitFilm.  While the latest versions of HitFilm have been improved to handle VFR footage better, it's still not perfect.  Watch this video to learn how to transcode your footage to make HitFilm happier.

  • @theepilepsyguy and @jsbarrett

    It's probably VFR yes, however, when I tried exporting a 50FPS project to 30FPS, my footage was slowed down... jsbarrett, any fix? I probably missed something... That might be his problem...

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    @Film_Empire once a timeline is created and footage is added the timing is effectively set to the absolute amount of frames on that timeline. For sake of argument, we'll use a hypothetical 10 second clip at 30 fps. 

    So, that's 300 frames. No matter your export settings, Hitfilm will always export 300 frames. An export at 60fps would give you 5 seconds--but 300 frames. Exporting at 24 fps would give you 12.5 seconds--still 300 frames. 

    If you have a project prepared at 50 fps and want to export at 30 fps you'll have to embed the entire 50fps project into a 30 fps Composite Shot and export that comp. Hopefully adding footage to that 30 fps Comp, Hitfilm will conform the footage. Or, export at 50fps then bring that into a new 30 fps project to re-export. 

    But, in general, in Hitfilm, you MUST create your initial project at the desired export framerate. Otherwise, it's a pain to reconform later. 

  • @Triem23

    Thanks Mike!
    Well, I just bought a new 2TB hard drive, and with 50FPS the file isn't much larger. So, I'll keep it 50FPS for Youtube... It's a nice quality addition!

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