Alignment of Models

Okay, I apologize in advance if this has been covered somewhere else.
I also apologize if this is something very simple that I am unable to grasp or have discovered yet.
My problem is that when I import a 3D model (a spaceship for example), on occasion the model is lined up precisely to the red, blue & green direction arrows. So when I move the ship goes forward as it's supposed to.
On other occasions those arrows aren't lined up to the model's x,y & z axis....hence when I attempt to move the ship forward, it does so at an angle, with it's nose pointed to the left or right. You know what I mean?
I know this is something obvious.....but can you help me out?
Many thanks!


  • What this means is that the model wasn't saved by its creator in a center-neutral position. Hitfilm assumes models were saved out centered.
    Two solutions: 1, if you have 3D modeling software, open the model, center the model and re-save.
    If you don't have 3D software, then create a 3D point layer named "model align," parent the model to it, and adjust the MODEL'S anchor point and orientation properties until it's aligned and centered on "model align" point. Now, when you animate your model, you adjust/move/parent "model align" point, and let it drag the model around.
  • Excellent! Thanks mate! Just the solutions I was looking for.
    Appreciate it big time :)
  • No problem. Had the same problem myself with the first model I imported to animate. Completed the whole animation before I realized I could have made my life easier by using a point to fix model alignment. Incidentally, while animating things like planes and spaceships, I tend to do position keys first, leaving the model with no rotation (keeps it's axis aligned to the world), then go back and do rotation. Easier for me that way.

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