Hifilm Pro 2017 overloading the CPU & crashing

Windows 10 64-bit on Dell XPS 8700 desktop

CPU: Intel i5 Quad core

RAM: 32gb ram

GPU: Nvidia GeForce GT 635

1tb harddrive

My CPU is being overloaded by Hitfilm, and the software either becomes unresponsive or crashes moments after opening projects.

I've always experienced more crashes than I would like using Hitfilm over the past couple years (always at least 1 or 2 crashes per session), but the past couple days it's become really bad. 

I've checked updates, drivers, etc. They're all up to date. I only noticed the CPU overload when I opened task manager and saw how much Hitfilm (and only Hitfilm) was overwhelming the CPU, even with minor tasks.

Efforts such as reducing the preview window quality and turning off the thumbnail preview have a marginal effect at best.

Any help would be appreciated. :)


  • It sounds like your CPU and/or GPU are overheating due to not enough cooling. You cannot overload a CPU/GPU. 100% is just fine. as long as the cooling system is up to it.

    Assuming overheating...

    Over time the heatsinks and fans can become dirty with dirt/dust and cooling efficiency goes down. Use some compressed air to blow the fans and heatsink clear of dust.

    If you are overclocking then maybe you should not be doing that. Overclocking requires extra cooling to maintain stability.

    If everything is clean and you are not overclocking and you are still overheating, then the cooling of the computer is inadequate for the CPU and/or GPU.  You need to determine what is overheating and upgrade it.

    Back in the day when I owned Dell computers they always had good cooling setups. Mostly to be quiet at low loads but their fans would ramp up if needed. 

  • Thanks, I will try giving it a good clean with compressed air.

    I got this desktop for $680 back in 2014, and it's been decent but perhaps it's time to upgrade.

  • Install some utility like, hwinfo64, so you can test *IF* something is overheating.  A utility like that should tell you more than you want to know about running stats. Also make sure all the fans are working. One of them could have died.

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